Not opening wesbite after taking free SSL from Cloudfare

not opening wesbite after taking free SSL from Cloudflare ( domain name is

You are getting a

That’s an issue with your server, not Cloudflare. Contact your host and discuss with them why they throw that error and have them fix that.

You can also pause Cloudflare if that is easier for you -

They are saying problem is with thirdparty nameserver !
website is not showing me any error ! its blank

As mentioned, pause Cloudflare, in which case Cloudflare is not involved at all.

What you can also do is clarify the IP address with your host, but as far as I can tell that should be correct.

In short, pause Cloudflare, contact your host to clarify mentioned details and verify that your site is loading fine on HTTPS. If it doesn’t, contact your host again.

As I can see that there is a malware detected on your website so I request you to check with scaning your content to check with malware. ( I recived this msg from them )
till yesterday site was ok. after taking SSL and changing name server its showing problems.

You have paused Cloudflare now and the site still does not load, as expected. Contact your host now to clarify aforementioned issues.

Keep Cloudflare paused until the site works again.

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