Not in Partner Program railgun still on server how to remove

I’m not a partner anymore and need to remove railgun from my server I uninstalled the cpanel files with a script I found in the cpanel forum. but railgun is still on the server.
/usr/bin/rg-listener -config /etc/railgun/railgun.conf

I do have CLOUDLINUX 7.9 installed if that matters?


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Just kill that process and stop it from ever starting at bootup. Renaming that .conf file to .old would probably do the trick as well to cause the process to fail at launch.

Did a lot of googling Found an article on chkconfig — Linux / Unix Command
chkconfig --del railgun

I don’t use Cloudlinux, so I don’t know how that system operates. is a good place to get assistance in configuring servers.

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Got it sorted used the chkconfig --del railgun command and now its gone on reboot