Not Hitting Proper CDN Servers

I noticed traffic on my website is unusually slow for the Philippines. After having looked into this further and contacting members in the Philippines they have confirmed they are hitting the Singapore CDN, rather than the Cebu CDN. This makes absolutely no sense to me.

I have a Cloudflare Pro account. What’s the reason for this?

I also noticed that I hit the Virginia CDN and not the Boston CDN even though I live in Connecticut and am much closer to Boston.

How can I resolve this issue to get the performance I need?

It is generally routed to the fastest, not necessarily the closest. It may be to do with where the ISP is situated.

Wouldn’t the fastest not be 3x as far away? Here is a closer look at what my analytics shows.

The issue with your personal connection could be possibly explained with your ISP. The connection from the Philippines however should ideally go via CEB and not SIN. Maybe support can clarify it, try opening a support ticket.


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