Not happy with the poor quality support from ticket techs

I have several tickets into cloudflare regarding the major outage March 23rd but all I get is level 1 techs saying send us logs etc…

ALL the logs show ray errors and connection errors ON THE SIDE OF CLOUDFLARE.

Seriously? How can I get QUALITY support through the ticket system?

How can I escalate my issue with over 80 of my websites running into 522 errors for hours and hours?

I can probably spend WEEKS in tech ticket ■■■■ before I get decent support.

Any managers read this?

Contact me back!

As frustrating as it can be some of these scenarios, being rude towards the person that may help you will lead to nowhere but a worse service.
Thus being said, an error 522 is not on Cloudflare side but yours.


DUE TO Cloudflare

see outage:

I need management to get back to me regarding THEIR OUTAGE and reliability solution options in case this happens again.

Cloudflare is not perfect and all I get from their tech staff is “send us your logs”

Well, duh??? I WOULD NOT have log entries when your system FAILED to send the traffic.

IF YOUR BUSINESS LOST THIS MUCH, you would be pissed off too!

I am a 30+ year software engineer.

If you can provide better uptime than Cloudflare then you might consider just stopping using it. Cloudflare has a clear SLA, if you are a business customer or enterprise, you can claim that small shortage.

Also, this issue does not seem to be on the DNS level, consider adding redundancy to your setup so that when this happens you can simply update the respective A records and not forward the traffic through Cloudflare.


Calm down

Yeah I have the same problem with a community form I posted over 24 hours ago, no replies yet. Validation failed: Email is invalid

55 businesses were affected. I have mad clients. Calm down? NO

It happens.

I am not impressed with Cloudflare.

The latest from Cloudflare FINALLY…

After about 14 messages to your tech department. SOMEONE had the brains to answer correctly.

Pathetic support level you give to self-serve clients.

“I think the only thing you could have tried was set your records to be grey-clouded (DNS only) so we direct traffic through to the origin without it being proxied.”

Thank you for this final solution.

I would not spend a dime investing in a company when customers have to go through this level of poor service to get answers.

You have a LOT to learn about clients.

Close ticket. (to their system)

What plan do you have? They prioritize response based on your plan.
"Cloudflare support responds to every ticket received in the following priority order:

  • Enterprise
  • Business
  • Pro
  • Free

Cloudflare Support strives to respond to our customers as quickly as possible. Urgent issues (site down, under attack) are prioritized for the quickest response possible. Below are definitions of the priority levels Cloudflare assigns to tickets, and the associated Service Level Agreement (SLA) or Service Level Objective (SLO). Whenever possible, responses are provided quicker than the noted SLAs."

So even with the free plan response expect a reply in around 24 hours

It was not really the issue of speed, The response was show us your log files and a template response not paying any attention to their outage caused this and they were just not really reading and understanding my super-clear issue.

I am not so happy when “TEMPLATE” responses to issues from level 1 techs on a major outage issue.

That has to be fixed.

So the response time wasn’t bad, it’s the response that they gave you was bad (in your opinion)

Random API request failed (502) is another post I have unanswered

When the error was caused by them and they respond with a “template” answer like check your logs… it show incompetence.

They replied to me and said that that outage CAUSED by Cloudflare will not result in any refund due to SLA does not allow for it.

So THEIR outage causing a lot of outage to me and over 80 domains will not result in ONE CENT of credit.

Wow…they are going nowhere for support and customer service.