NOT gmail related. Not getting emails from webform

This is NOT related to any gmail account. I am unable to reset my password on Wordpress as I do not get the email. I was also having an issue where my contact forms from my website were not making it to me, so I deleted the form.
My email is working fine on all other sites. I can reset passwords and receive the email links. Just nothing that has anything to do with wordpress. Godaddy checked my email and domain, and all is good. They saw that my servers are through Cloudflare, so I needed to contact them.

Can anybody help? There does not seem to be a way to get support for this for free account.

What is your email domain?

Cloudflare only provides DNS for your domain, there is no mail service so you’ll need to ensure DNS records are set correctly.

Your SPF record permits Godaddy to send email for your domain. Assuming your web form uses Godaddy’s securemail service to send email, it should send email ok but you’ll need to check with Godaddy on that. You may need to add your server IP address to your SPF record if your server is sending directly.

I suggest adding to your SPF record so that Microsoft is also permitted to send email for your domain if you use them for outbound mail, as your MX records indicate you use Microsoft for your mail. Your DKIM records indicate you use Mailchimp as well.

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