Not given access to DNS servers

Our website designer requested our domain be configured to Cloudflare name servers which was done on 1st June.

I am trying to set up G-Suite for this domain and need to verify the domain and set up DNS records (TXT, CNAME).

I haven’t been given the access to do this and am receiving no (sensible) response from the designer. Please can you help?

Nobody here can give you access to someone else’s Cloudlfare account or settings. It sounds like you should find someone else to manage your site.

Since you have access to set your name servers, you can set up your own Cloudflare account and manage your own DNS.

Thank you for your reply. As there are still amendments needed to the website, I’m going to have to tread carefully until everything is completed. I have very little experience outside platforms like Wix, so I appreciate your help.

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