Not getting support for request #1958965

Hello. I think I’m caught in a bot loop. It’s been 4 days and I can’t seem to get a human to respond.

If someone could look at this request, that would be great!

Thank you,

Hi @ryan10,

The community don’t have access to your account or support requests. If it’s something we may be able to help with here, please open a topic. If not, you should only get one or two bot responses that ask you to reply to reach an engineer. It may then take a few days to get a reply, depending on the plan you are on, as they are very busy at the moment.

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Understood, but there aren’t other options when only bots keep responding. :slight_smile:

Need 2FA deactivated and as you mentioned, the community cannot help with. Hence, why I need this passed on to support…somehow.

Ah, it may be a little different with 2FA. The bot should give you steps to verify yourself which you will need to complete before it continues. Are you having an issue following that?

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Yes, I have taken all the steps. I’m in a bot loop. A support person (human) needs to look at the request at this point.

OK, I will flag this for a moderator to check on your ticket if they can, to see what’s going on.

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Appreciate it!

Hi @ryan10, I am not sure you’re going to get the reply you’re looking for. I see a ticket that references another email address but I do not see any correspondence from that address to Support. Do you have a ticket number for that exchange?

The best route is to open a ticket via email to support AT cloudflare DOT com from the email address associated with the account you are trying to access and then share that number here. Support can only work with the account owner via the address associated with the account.


Will give it another go, thank you.

I have some tips

  • Always contact support with proper channel

  • Always contact support with actual Cloudflare Account e-mail, mentioning domain name in question and all other necessary info as clear as possible.

  • Write the problem in simple few lines, focus on the solution. No need to overstate.

  • If you see automated both responses, reply “This ticket needs human attention” and see the magic. I often see many chatboxes, as I type human / call it to starts responding.

Well, Cloudflare uses an AI system to reduce the overload of the ticket. Most of the time, the problem can be resolved by reading documentation and asking a question at Community. Sometimes account-specific query needs special attention and the only option is talking to support team.

  • Understand that based on priority and current plan, support time may be usual than longer. Cloudflare powers 13 million sites, you can imagine the load of support tickets. :smiley:

  • One of the best things they have done is writing every single piece of information in Support Page and not in hurry up but well-detailed manner. Never seen something like this with other company.