Not getting login verification emails can't log into account

I have a complicated question and really really need some guidance here. I hope someone can help.

I currently have a free account with my personal organizational email address.
**I am unable to log in to it. The verification emails are not going to my email address.

Additionally, I was just approved for Project Galileo, but it came through to me at my WEBMASTER email address.

I’m being told by the person at Project Galileo that in order to use the free business level account I have to move my Cloudflare account to this different email address.

I really need help here, I’m completely shut out and unable to manage my Cloudflare account. So I can’t move it, I can’t even look at it. It’s very frightening not to be able to see your DNS with virtually no support from Cloudflare.


I am able to get into my account now. I’ll look into how to transfer my current account to the new one next.