Not getting email notification to Gmail account for form submission

I started not getting notification emails when someone completes a form on my website. The forms are saving in my website, just not sending a notification email. I WAS however able to get it to send to another email address that is NOT gmail. I reached out to support for my template, they told me to reach out to my hosting provider. I reached out to the hosting provider, they said to reach out to Cloudflare to see if there is a firewall issue that is preventing gmail specifically from receiving these notifications. Has anyone else run into this? What can I do?

Hi @booklite.jenn,

I submitted a test form, and everything in my browser looks successful.

As you said the form gets submitted successfully to the website, but you are not getting a notification.

I am not seeing where the notification is being sent over Cloudflare once a form is submitted.

It does not look like we are blocking the traffic.

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Thank you for looking into it. I ended up finding a plugin (WP Mail SMTP) that helps get the email through Gmail.

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