Not getting apple ID Verification email through

Hi everyone,

I have a certain email from apple that doesn’t come through, could it be cloudlfare potentially blocking this email. Anyone has a quick fix for this?

Thank you very much,
Kind Regards

Are you using the Email Routing beta feature?


So I could solve the issue by transferring my nameservers away from Cloudflare and I get the verification email. Anyone knows what I could do in Cloudflare that could let these emails through?
It’s definitely because of Cloudflare because I just exported and imported the dns records in my hosting portal , nothing else.


Hi, the issue is not that I’m not receiving any mail. I’m particularly not receiving specific mails such as password resets and verification emails. I’ve tried all of the above but that’s all ok.

Just tested it one more time. It’s just the apple verification email that doesn’t come through when I’m connected to Cloudflare.

Any fix?

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