Not getting any support from Cloudflare

I submitted an abuse report last week and I’ve been waiting over 4 days for someone at cloudflare to simply email the host the IP address. They have not replied to my emails in over 4 days from ticket ef9b415fd7fef2cb

Does anyone know how long it takes them to do it?

ef9b415fd7fef2cb is an abuse report number which is what they put in the subject when they email you the details.

I reported abuse via the form and they emailed me the hosts details.

The host requires that Cloudflare send them the IP address the abuse reported domain is on.

Cloudflare are not allowed to send me the IP and they have not sent the IP to the host.

I’ve emailed them 4 days ago asking them to send the IP address to the host and no reply from them to me or the host with the IP.

You will not get any IP address from Cloudflare and I doubt that they will do so as long as you’re not working for the host in question.
From my own experience:

Cloudflare forwards the report to the host if there’s an abuse contact. All they need to do is to reply to the ticket and ask for the IP address of a particular record.

I’ve never seen that Cloudflare’s Trust & Safety Team ever provided any critical information without having to ask them.

The last ticket i worked on was just over a year ago. So the process might have changed somewhere. A Twitter user reported Abuse to Cloudflare, got a ticket number and the origin host provider (us), sent a Tweet to us and WE asked Cloudflare for details. It took less than an hour to get all the information needed.

That’s some kind of verification. Giving the origin IP into your hands could be dangerous.

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I don’t want the IP. I want them to send the IP to the host so the host can find the website.

The host has emailed them asking for the IP.

I’ve emailed them asking to send the IP to the host.

They have not sent the IP.

Trust and Security is near the top of the Cloudflare food chain. They make legal decisions and their decisions stand. The Community can not influence them. If you want to make a legal case for the IP address, have an attorney contact Cloudflare.

Under DMCA law Cloudflare have an obligation as a US based company to handle takedown notices and send the hosting company they are protecting details (IP) so they can locate the illegal hosting.

I’m not trying to influence anyone. I’m simply trying to find out why Cloudflare are not responding to abuse reports.

They are. They just don’t share information with a third party directly except law enforcement agencies and not even then. Forward the Ticket ID to the host and they will get any information if they want. They also should have already received the DMCA complaint.

I found a report within our ticket system and i must revide something from my last post: they actually provide the IPs directly. Here’s the text, i removed a lot to avoid sharing too much:

[TicketID here]: Cloudflare received a trademark infringement complaint regarding one of your customers.

Cloudflare received an abuse report regarding:

Please be aware Cloudflare is a network provider offering a reverse proxy, pass-through security service. We are not a hosting provider. Cloudflare does not control the content of our customers.

The actual host for are the following IP addresses. [All IPs here]

Below is the report we received:

Followed by the origin report.

I must add that some providers might not be interested in processing abuse requests. It’s their turn.

I didn’t ask them to send me the IP. I forwarded the email from the host to them saying that Cloudflare had not sent them the IP they requested.

That was all.

I simply wanted a reply from Cloudflare to confirm they would send the IP to the host as requested.

I had the host telling me Cloudflare have not sent it.

All cloudflare needed to do was email me and say we have sent the IP to the host.

It’s now been sorted and the illegal website has been closed.

Abuse teams across the globe, especially at larger ISPs or hosting providers, have other things to do rather then keeping the reporter updated.

Mostly you’ll receive an email like:

“Thank you for your report, here’s a ticket number in case you have something to add. Further: please don’t ask any questions about this ticket, we cannot provide you with further information or action taken”


Glad to read that!

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