Not getting any E-mails on my Gmail and Outlook but Webmail is working fine

I just integrated Cloudflare but after that, I stopped getting emails on my outlook and Gmail but on webmail, it’s totally fine. I attached a file showing an error in my Gmail.

Hi @naveen.careerexcel,

Make sure that Gmail is connecting to your mail hostname that is :grey:.

Can you give me an example for that ? because I have no idea how to connect Gmail and mail host name.

Well, assuming that you look at your Cloudflare dashboard and have a record called mail that is set to :grey:, you need to set the hostname in Gmail to

I am attaching 2 images.

  1. Cloudflare DNS record and
  2. for Gmail

I am still getting error


As I only have a limit of 1 image I will attach another image in the next comment. :sweat_smile:

2nd image of gmail.

So you are connecting to the right server and it is :grey: so not going through Cloudflare. This means that the issue must be coming from your settings or server.

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So what can I do now ?

Try looking at the error details provided and talk to your hosting provider for further help, if those settings are what are required.

Okay, I will.
Thank you very much :grin::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

  • Go to your dashboard and locate DNS.
  • In the name column find mail
  • Change the proxy status to DNS ONLY
    That’s enough I think. There are more complete answers on the forum, but this steps I think are enough to bypass the Cloudfare protection so your emails can be delivered.

Good luck!

I had tried this, but it didn’t work.
And thank you for the support. I will try to talk with the hosting provider also.

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