Not getting an e-mail verification e-mail?


A few days ago I created my Cloudflare account. I let Cloudflare ‘import’ my domain and recreated some missing records. After that I changed the nameserver for my domain. Some time after that everything seemed to work fine. This domain is also used to lookup my mailserver.

Ok, now for the problem. I do not receive an e-mail from Cloudflare to verify my e-mail address which i wil call address A. I tried changing e-mail address A to something with an other domainname, address B. Then I get a verification on the address B and I get an e-mail on the A address that my e-mail address was changed. Then when I switch back, no verification e-mail but only a mail on B that my mail address changed to address A. :frowning:

For this forum I also had to verify e-mail address A before I could post. That e-mail I did receive. I run my own mailserver and I can see that Cloudflare does not even try to deliver anything. So, what to do now?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions :slight_smile:

Maybe Support can see why these aren’t getting to you. Email them from the email address associated with your Cloudflare account. support AT Cloudflare DOT com

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