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and also I know the server ip address of the strato server and in the A-Record it’s also visible, but when I go on and click on the strato server or any other server (the two ones from Cloudflare and the ip for the strato mail) my domain is not on these servers. I use the right server in Cloudflare as and tell me but my domain is in neither of all servers for the A-Record

I´ve had the same issues. Unfortunately neither Cloudflare nor strato document these things anywhere beforehand.
The really annpyng thing though was that i could not change my nameservers back to strato standard. had to call strato 2 times to make them aknowledge that there is a problem in the backend. when i selected their radiobutton, there were no additional text fields, but strato always demanded that i can not leave the missing fields blank.
cost me another day of downtime.

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