'Not found' error in Wordpress plugin; cache not purging via plugin itself

Having some issues with the Cloudflare Wordpress plugin…

It’s lost the ability to purge the cache – either automatically with new posts etc, or manually via the ‘purge’ button in the plugin settings.

I’m also getting a red ‘not found’ error that flashes up at the bottom of the plugin screen for a few seconds – but beyond that, everything looks normal.

Judging by the discussion on the plugin page on Wordpress.org, a few others are having the same issues!

Haven’t changed anything to do with Cloudflare, Wordpress or my hosting environment in the last few days, so seems to be spontaneous.

I’m guessing it’s an API-related error based on all of the above – and I notice another topic here with issues connecting the API to the plugin!

Any help appreciated! :slight_smile:

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