Not found (code: 4040) on user profile page

The issue appears to be related to the communication preferences since the edit button also does not work.

The support request in the dashboard brought me here but I don’t know how a community member can help with technical dashboard problem. This is the first time I’ve needed help so I guess I’ll find out.

Thank you.

Hello @ccaughron

Sorry to hear that you are having the issue.

You will need to create a ticket with Cloudflare support with your email account and HAR file for us to fix that.

How to generate a HAR file

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Hi @ccaughron you can create an Account ticket here,

Please share your ticket number on this thread and we’ll flag it for our colleagues in Support

Ticket ID: [3146036]
har file and screenshot attached to ticket. Thanks for your help.

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Thank you.
We are following up in your ticket.