Not find any thing usefull about Wildcard SSL/TLS Certificate error in help center

Story -
The old web hosting use direct admin and work on cloudflare with no error.
The new web hosting use Plesk. In SSL/TLS Certificate setting page it’s show the error of Wildcard SSL/TLS Certificate. So i ask the host provider and they said “if my site link with Cloudflare this error can’t be fix by their side” (both are wordpress cloud share host)
So after i move to new web host, i change IP in dns cloudflare setting to a new ip host (as the help page suggestion) But the other setting i don’t know how to set it to. (ex. TXT, AAA, etc.) with this the error still show

Question -
Can i fix this error in dns cloudflare setting? if it’s can how to do it?

Plz Help
Thank you

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