Not expected behaviour dns transfer

Hi, i was trying to move my Nameservers to Cloudflare as part of a migration i wanted to do to introduce DynDNS in my modem. The reason behind this is the new internet provicer can’t deliver permanent ipnr.
My current dns contains the ipnrs of my hosting provider for mail and web, and also additional a records with my permanent ip nr.
This makes it possible to have a records pointing to my internal environment and use natting to open several services.The plan was: will i be able within Cloudflare to automaticly update at least one A record as dynamicdns record and the rest stays as it is like MX, www, mail etc.
Well i failed here but i want to understand. I have no services ad cloudflare but wanted to make use of the dns services since for my modem it is posssible to do dyndns.

I used the wizzard for enabeling dns, and the first question was what domain, i entered the domain and next Review your DNS records showed a copy of my current dns at my current isp so, seems ok all have status Proxied , seems ok, so we did also changed the nameservers at my isp to the ones in Cloudflare and all seemd smooth but … loging in to the mailserver for imap failed, host not found… and then i was alarmed… it did not work as i expecte transparant dns over cloudflare to my current services from my isp…

The main question is why?
The second question is the scenario i want to have up and working possible?


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Cloudflare only proxies HTTP/HTTPS. Any hostname that runs other services must not be :orange: proxied. Set hostnames that are used with email, FTP, IMAP, SFTP, SMTP, SSH, etc, to :grey: DNS Only.


Thanks, that does explains a lot!

I am currently facing lots and lots of spam, and they use the trick to send the spam asif i am sending it to myself, is there a way to block this by using cloudflare ??


You can publish a DMARC policy on your Cloudflare DNS to combat domain spoofing. You will need working SPF and DKIM.

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