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Hi, added the domain, inserted the server, in the panel it says that the domain is active, registered its dns, after the pinging domain the ip address of cloudfire comes out. I have a vpn server configured on this domain, but after adding ping disappeared, what should I do? I use port 443 for vpn


Also, “VPN”? Cloudflare would not handle VPN traffic unless it is HTTP.

and how can I use coudfire to hide the use of vpn server?

You most likely cant. Again, whats the domain?

Alright. That domain is properly configured nameserver-wise, however its DNS records are currently not proxied.

What is your exact question, respectively error?

if I turn on proxying, then I can’t connect to the VPN server! It changes the ip address!

how do I mask the use of VPN

As I said, you are unlikely to be able to use VPN via a proxied connection. Cloudflare does not cover VPN services, unless they are using HTTP.

and which connection uses open vpn?

You need to clarify this with them. If they are not using HTTP, you cant use Cloudflare. Generally speaking, even if you could use it you’d like get your account suspended for a violation of the terms of service as Cloudflare is not intended to be used in this way.

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