Not connect domain

dear Cloudflare!
my email is [email protected]. I use domain last time I use dyddns matbao. name server, and then I change name server Cloudflare. I think that record A automatic change ip the same name server So I think wrong because I don’t use software update ip. so Cloudflare does not update record A. So I change back nameserver But at that time to now. my domain hasn’t directed DNS please help me, how long does my domain update new DNS.
Thanks you very much!

It can take up to 48 hours for a name server to change. Right now, it does not look good:

Right now your domain is not pointing to Cloudflare. You will simply need to wait until the new non-Cloudflare nameservers have propagated.

oh, thank you very much. I will wait for Friday. hope at that time. it will be ok.

It wont work better on Friday than it does today. Your domain already does not point to Cloudflare any longer but to your new nameservers.

oh, last night domain work usually. I think that I will use the name server of Cloudflare from now. It is great. Thanks for your help. :slightly_smiling_face:

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