Not changing firewall rules to custom rules

Hello, my firewall rules have not been changed to custom rules
Is there anything I should do to change it?
Or will Cloudflare himself do this in the future?


The move is being done gradually by Cloudflare. Threre’s no mechanism I know of to speed up that process. (I also haven’t seen Custom Rules in my zones yet.)

Cloudflare started this conversion as a phased rollout on February 28, 2023. Your zones will soon have WAF custom rules instead of firewall rules.

But Claude Feller has announced on her site that you can transfer to custom rules

If we remove the site from Cloudflare once and add it again, will it be upgraded to a custom rule?


I don’t know.

That note is specifically for the small number of Enterprise customers who had both in the past.

The change is a gradual and random rollout across all zones. Yours will be enabled with time and there is no way to speed it up or manually enable it. Sorry for any inconvenience that causes.

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