NOT caching subdomains by default!

I have a domain I wish to run through Cloudflare, but it has a number of subdomains used for dev purposes.

Can I set Cloudflare up by default to only cache the top level domain i.e. none of the subdomains?

I tend to set up new sub domains regularly, and don’t want to have to keep going into the Cloudflare dashboard to ‘remove’ new subdomains!

Yes, just set the subdomains’ A or CNAME records to DNS-Only (:grey:). This disables the Cloudflare proxy completely for those subdomains.

Eh, to use Cloudflare at all, Cloudflare MUST be your authoritative DNS nameserver (except possibly if you’re an enterprise customer). So you’ll surely have to go to Cloudflare to set up the records for any new subdomain – irrespective of the caching or proxy requirement.

If all the subdomains are going to the same origin, then you could set up a wildcard subdomain record (* so you don’t have to set up each subdomain individually in the Cloudflare dashboard.


We are running a VDS server under Plesk, so to add new sub-domains onto the main domain, we just add the domain into Plesk - this doesn’t require adding onto the current DNS hosting settings - hence my question regarding adding domains on once the DNS server is under Cloudflare.