Not blocking adult content

Hello I am trying to set up my router for the DNS filtering I have followed all the steps for the Netgear router

After doing so I tested the DNS by typing in a porn site and it didn’t block it.

Make sure you are using and which are the servers that block malware and adult content.

Yes I am using
|Subnet Mask||
|Default Gateway||
|DHCP Server||
|DNS Server||

Check the site here and see how it is tagged…

Check your machine and browser are actually using those DNS Servers.

Try to visit this test website which should be blocked… (I assume that works, but it is for Zero Trust Gateway testing…)

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I don’t think that is even working.

It is blocking now on my amazon fire tablet after I reboot the router, but still not on my computer. I will try to reboot it.

Works now Thanks!

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