Not being circulated by Google search engines

Not being circulated by Google search engines.

When submitted to google ads, it becomes a “broken link”.

When I check with sezrchconsole.
URL cannot be registered with Google
Failed: Server error (5xx)"

are outputted as “Failed: Server error (5xx)”.

Search results for more than 90% of pages are no longer displayed.

What is the cause?

Can you share your domain and any URLs where this is happening? It’s very likely to be something on your origin and not Cloudflare related, but folks here would be happy to take a look if you can share more info.

Thank you very much.

The title displayed in the search results shows only “site title” or “site URL” instead of the title of the article.

90% of articles do not appear in the search results.
10% of articles remain in the search results. But “site title” or “site URL”.

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What firewall or other security setting rules do you have enabled? I get consistent 403s when attempting to hit your website.

I am currently blocking all but the US and Japan.

Because the “Country” field can’t be both JP and US, it’s blocking all requests.

You should use a single “is not in” rule instead to achieve your desired block:


AND instead of OR in this case, because you’re using a negated condition (Operator)

If you were using e.g.

Action ALLOW if:

Country equals Japan
Country equals United States

That would work too

Is it Okey?

I have removed all security and it still does not solve the problem.

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