Not any statistics after 48 hours

After creating my account, I installed the WordPress plugin, following the instructions, and everything went well.

But when I go to my dashboard, I don’t see any statistics, traffic, security , performance, cache, etc. I can see with Google analytics that the average page load time improved, and I can see DNS queries by response code without errors, but this is the only sign I have Cloudflare is active.

Is there any way for me to “debug” and see what could be the reason, or am I just too impatient and need to wait more?

My web site is, hosted on a virtual server that I manage.

Thanks for your help, and best regards.

You’recurrently using ‘DNS only’. Click the :grey: icon next to your Server IP to Proxy your traffic through Cloudflare’s network.

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Ha, thanks, did not understand this!

This one explains what i tried to say early in the morning :sweat_smile:

Your traffic is not proxied and visitors connect directly to your host. That’s the reason why you don’t see any stats. Follow this tutorial:

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