Not an Active Zone when transferring domains

I received the wave to transfer my domain to Cloudflare, but my .com domain says “Not an active zone” when I try to transfer. Any thoughts? I haven’t updated the domain recently.

Without knowing the domain name, we can only guess. Maybe you don’t have your name servers properly set at your current registrar.

The domain is
It’s currently using Namecheap’s name servers, is that an issue?

Yes, the zone need to be active in your Cloudflare account (and using Cloudflare nameservers) in order to be transferred.

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Gotcha, thanks

@cs-cf I bought a new domain from another person ( and am trying to transfer that to Cloudflare. Since I don’t yet control the domain, I cannot update the Nameserver records on the domain. Having to update the Nameserver record before being able to perform the transfer does not seem sensible to me.

All other registrars simply require the transfer code, which I possess, and they are happy to take my money to perform the transfer.

I think it (allowing domain transfer with just transfer code) is a big missing feature.

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Hi @gurjeet, totally agree. We’re rolling out this service now by starting with those domains that are already on Cloudflare. Hence, why the name servers need to point to us. As we open the service up, you’ll see requirements change. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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In the future we will likely offer that option. Our registrar offering is still pretty young; we finished the last wave of early access customers within the last month.


Following up - once a domain is transferred to use Cloudflare’s registrar service, is it okay to disable the other Cloudflare services? (not that I’d want to at this point, but just asking…)

You can use DNS-Only and skip all other Cloudflare services. But you can’t get away from using Cloudflare’s Name Servers (DNS)…for now. Eventually that requirement will be lifted and you’ll be able to use other name servers. Dunno when, though.

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