Not an active zone error in transferring domain to cloudflare


Hi there!

I am trying to transfer my domain( from Godaddy to Cloudflare. I have already changed the NS records and I still keep getting “Not an active zone” error on the first step. There is no documentation about this error in cloudflare registrar’s docs page

What else do I have to do to transfer the domain?

I also searched this forum and did not found anything useful enough to fix this error(I did learned I will have to change the NS but that’s about it.).



The Cloudflare nameservers are setup incorrectly.

Copy the Cloudflare Nameservers on this page and remove and replace the namservers below with the ones provided by Cloudflare

Thanks! Changed the Nameservers to the one I got from cloudflare. It wasn’t clear to me that I had to signup for the $0 plan to get access to the DNS entries and cloudflare’s nameservers.


It’s working now and seems to be fully propagated.


Well, Now, I am getting “Unsupported” message.


Clear the cache from your browsers.

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Still getting the same message. Do they even support .me TLD?


Or will I have to wait 60 days because I changed Nameserver?


Looks like they don’t support .me TLD yet.


If you just transfered to GoDaddy’s Registrar, you’ll have to wait before you can change Registrars again. But that doesn’t stop you from pointing your nameserves to Cloudflare or using their services.


Yes… I’ll keep using cloudflare as the registrar for my domain and transfer once they have support for .me tld.

Thanks for all the help. :slight_smile: