Not allowing me to cancel account

I sent in my first request on April 8th and its now May 14th with no progress. I would like to cancel/nonrenew my subscription to Cloudflare.

There is a bug in your software where if you cancel the site before the subscription, then the edit button to change status becomes unresponsive. This is fine if agents helps to cancel but the edit button for the subscription becomes unresponsive on your software.

I have a case open of 3227094, I’ve requested it be cancelled now dozens of times and literally nothing happens except for being billed more, I don’t want more bills, I’d like to cancel!! Once a week a help agent will ask if its done but nothing is being done on the Cloudflare side to resolve.


Should I start writing letters to corporate? I feel so helpless with the customer service provided to just change the status of my billing. PLEASE HELP!!!

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