Not allowed to create new zones

hello, plz help me with this error : " not allowed to create new zones"

thank you

I believe this sentence ends with “Please contact support”.

So, did you contact support?

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Hi. I met this error.
“Sorry, you are not allowed to create new zones. Please contact support.”

I submited a ticket and they ask me ask community. I asked community and a support guy asked me to contact support. it’s a crazy circle. how can I solve it now? Please don’t ask me to contact support again. this is a loop.

Hi @mkt.kb86,

What’s the ticket number of the closed support request?

Hi domjh, this request #2214021 they told me open a community post, and the community support ask me contact support, its the loop.

#2252980 is my new request

do you have a lot of pending zone?
you cant create a new zone if you have a large number of pending zone

Hi. No I dont have any pending zones, just 6 zones as of now.

If you are receiving the error Sorry, you are not allowed to create new zones. Please contact support., send an email to [email protected] and check your email to see if you’ve received an email asking you to reply to that address.

Hi, [email protected] what?


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Why did they suspend my account, I dont undertand

The community cannot help you with this and we have no insight into what happened. Please follow up via the email address provided. [email protected].

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