Not all the subdomains were visible when I selected which subdomains to proxy

Not all the subdomains were visible when I selected which subdomains to proxy. How can I add the subdomains that were not visible (they are following the same logic, for example test1 and main subdomain both redirects to the same server)

Probably the subdomains in question are working fine, but I didn’t see them in the list. Why is that?

Thank you!

Your question is not overly clear. Which domain is it and which hostnames?

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Cloudflare scanned daorecords. io, then it gave my a list which included:

  • test1.daorecords. io
  • test2.daorecords. io
    … some others

But it did not included:

  • metajax.daorecords. io
  • soundsplash.daorecords. io

I don’t know if these subdomains are now speeded up by Cloudflare or not.

So your question is why not all hostnames were added?

Cloudflare only scans for certain names. You need to manually add any entries which were not automatically added. The two you mentioned are currently not configured.

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Where can I do that?
And is that the reason why the site became unavailable? (Only Cloudflare’s nameserver is configured, the original nameserver was deleted)

On the DNS screen of Cloudflare. Take a look at #tutorial for details.

Generally I would recommend to pause Cloudflare and make sure everything works fine on HTTPS and unpause only once that works.


Thank you!

I think it is too late to pause it, because the original Namecheap records were deleted.
Now I entered all the DNS records into Cloudflare, hopefully now it is just propagating, I don’t know why the sites are not accessible.

That’s why you should pause. In that way you can clarify with your host which DNS entries you need, configure them, and make sure everything loads fine on HTTPS.


It works now, thanks for your help!

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