Not all data is shown on website

Ok, this is a bit hard to explain, so i doubt it will make sense. But i am at a deadend so i need to try :smiley:

Right so i am hosting a website on cloudflare, simply to have a few livetiming pages to run without revealing my IP. So through Zero trust i have set up my localip:port and its all “working”.
However all data (probably some css and javascripts) is not being shared. If i go to myip:port/pages it works out just fine. But not when i go to domain dot com/pages - almost all blank except the normal data that is one the page (html stuff).

Anyone got any ideas? can it be that i am missing some extra steps when its javascript and css?

So i did find 13 of these lines (well similar)
which it transform to my cloudflare domain and then i guess it become unavailable for my pc that runs the docker.

Ok, some more info, i figured out what it was - it is the javascript and css - but its the “link” to the files that gets messed up.

In the html file it says /src/ and /src/css.css etc
But when looking at it from the outside, it showns "domain dot com/folder/src/css.css etc. Of course that wont work.
Anyone have a clue how to force that to pick up the local file and not the domain dot com one?

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