Not active my account yet since 2 days


I just wonder why my account not active yet since 2 days?

I have domain which generated by Namecheap and now in my account at Cloudflare, they guide me to log in at Godaddy as shown in the attached screenshots, I’m confused in total.

However, I need your help as soon as possible.


Hussein Alisawi

Hi @HusseinAlisawi,

The registrar for that domain is GoDaddy so that is where you will need to change the nameservers. If you already have and you’re still having issues, I would recommend contacting them. Your domain does have the clientUpdateProhibited status which could be causing issues.

Hi Domjh,

Thank you for your response.

Indeed, I have checked at GoDaddy and I have not found the same name (Qudid), moreover I have contacted Cloudflare team unfortunately these is no response, in addition I have reached Namecheap and the told me the problem from Cloudflare. However, I still do not know what should be doing?

Best regards

The issue, as @domjh pointed out, is definitely at GoDaddy.

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Hi Sdayman,

Thanks for the response.

I have never reached and created a domain at GoDiddy. I’m confused a bit.

All I know is what your domain registration tells me, and it’s quite clear it’s at GoDaddy. I’m afraid there’s nothing else we can do until you figure out your domain registration.

Hi Sdayman,

Actually this is first time I have created a domain at Namecheap, I did not reach the website of Godaddy. I have no idea what is going on as an attached screenshot.

That’s not how you spelled the domain in your first post.

You’re trying to add the wrong domain. It should be, NOT

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I did not catch you, I guess you meant I have said ‘I have logged in at Godaddy’ , I just repeat I have never ever created an account or visited the website of Godaddy.

I guess there is no response from Cloudflare to solve this issue, so rightnow may I cancel the domain and create another one, and based on your experience is there an alternative company to get the activation of domain?

Thank you for your help

I have updated my last response. Please read it again, as this is not a Cloudflare problem.

I do not know I did this mistake, so now should be repeating the procedure, is not it?

Yes. Try again with +Add Site, and type in:

Appreciated your efforts Sdayman :pray:

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