Not accsessing my website


i added google gsuite in mx records. what is the next process after added. i will receive emails in my wordpress gmail id or where i can see my emails. gmail is my id in wordpress . i have not created any domain id. if i create domain email id then what is the next process.
for example domain id - [email protected]

or first i need to create email in my host cpanel .



You signed up for a gsuite account? As in the one here?
If so it looks like it’s set up ok. It will go to your google apps account.
Just go to and click the sign in button in the upper right corner.
If I were setting it up I would set up spf and dmarc records. I would also add the other two MX records google recommends.
I don’t think any of this has to be set up using cpanel unless they have some kind of gsuite integration.


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