Not accsessing my website

Please suggest …my website is not working after changed name server. Plz suggest how to add dns records and also ip address. I don’t know my ip address. I want to add my dns A record.
Plz do the needful.

You can add A records in the DNS tab on the dashboard.

but i dont know my ip address. plz suggest

Can you look it up?
If you know the old name server then you can query it directly.




If it’s literally the IP of the computer you are on right now you can use this: but I find this unlikely.

i did not understand. my old servername is

i can use this address to add A record in DNS.

$ nslookup


According to the IP is

so i can use this ip to add A record in Cloudflare DNS

yes then it would match what your old nameserver says.

i added as per below.

Type Name value TTL
A points to AutomatiC

CNAME www is an alias of Automatic

Please suggest next step

Seems like it is working now right? I would see if I could enable SSL. I would also see if I could figure out how the old name server was configured, like try to get all the records, so I could put them in Cloudflare.

Thank you very much. my website is working and i can see.
Please suggest for MX records. how to add this.
what is mail server . my mail server means or any other

uh… I guess SSL won’t work for your site as it is right now…
I would personally not want the origin server’s information to be available on the internet… If you want we could try to remove the IP and nameserver info from this topic.

Your old nameserver doesn’t seem to have any MX records.
Do the people running your mail server have instructions?

SSL is also not working properly. site is showing "site is not fully secure.

Please suggest.

so please suggest how to add this.

SSL isn’t working because all of the URLs on your webpage are http URLs. I see this is wordpress. You would have to configure wordpress to use https instead. I guess there is a site_url or home setting.

To set up MX records you need to know what the name of the server that accepts your mail is. Who hosts your email? Do you host it yourself?

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