Not accessible from Portugal

One of my websites (aptern . pt) is hosted at cloudways through Cloudflare and normally is up and working. Today, at about 3:00pm GMT I could not access to my website.
It was strange, because I have other websites hosted also at same account of cloudways through Cloudflare, and even another hosted somewhere else, and all of them are working.
So I tried to ping my website (from desktop and also mobile) and it gives “Request timed out” showing an ip from Cloudflare.
Also use a website to make ping from diferent locations (check-host . net) and it can ping from all locations except one from Portugal (where I am).
I thought that was a problem with the connection between Portugal and USA (despite all major US sites are working in my pc), but my other sites which are also on same account of Cloudways through same account of Cloudflare, are all working.
I have a service of VPN which give me locations from around the world, and I already tried to change my IP and when I do that, my site open on my browser. In the minute that I return to my IP, I can’t access to site.
I suspect that it is something with my ISP, but why it can’t access to aptern . pt and can to my other site little-luk . com ?
Can anybody give me an hint about what is going on? TIA

It seems that it is ok, now.

But it took 8 hours to be accessible from Portugal.
I don’t know what happened. I didn’t make any change.
It is strange that all other sites of mine (all Cloudflare) worked and this was out, just from Portugal and worked from other locations in the world.

Can anyone give a hint? I would like to know what I can do if something like this happen again.

And is happening again :pensive:

My website aptern . pt is inaccessible from Portugal. All other countries can access to these Cloudflare ip (can be viewed with (check-host . net).
My other sites, also hosted at same account on cloudways through Cloudflare ip.

What is going on?
Why a specific ip from Cloudflare is inacessible only from Portugal, and all other IPs are accessible?

if I pause Cloudflare, my site works, despite after one click give htpps issues

Can anyone help me?
I don’t know what else can do…
If the site was inacessible at Serbia or Indonesia, I was not worried, but it is from Portugal and my visitants are all from Portugal.

What did your ISP tell you?

I didn’t ask yet my ISP because it a little awkward. Just one ip is not working from Portugal, but work from all other countries. If it was all american sites, or all ips from Cloudflare, the problem was identified.
But I even ask some friends from other portuguese ISPs, and they also couldn’t access. We received messages at our Facebook telling us that the link to our site was not working.
So, I don’t suspect from my ISP anymore.
But I don’t know what to suspect.

Should I delete my site configuration from clouflare and make a new one?

It is ok again. But it is very annoying can’t understand why this is happening.
Thirty minutes later, my site is alive again to Portugal (where it matters :cry:)

If you’re not seeing a Cloudflare-branded error page when you can’t connect to your site, you should contact your ISP for troubleshooting assistance.


I hope that there isn’t another next one, but if it occurs I will talk to my ISP, despite it happens with other ISPs in Portugal

you should complain with your ISP and Cloudflare, maybe when enough people complain they will actually look into what’s causing this. Some people say it happens during Football matches, and it’s the ISPs blocking, the ISP’s say it’s not them blocking. Cloudflare says it’s not them also… and this is happening for over a year now. If it is the ISP I find it interesting that sometimes it happens simultaneously over several ISP, sometimes not. Rarely the ips stop responding all at the same time, sometimes one ip fails and minutes or hours later another stops working… and when they start working again its the same behavior. I’d assume that if it’s the ISP blocking all ips should stop/start working simultaneously always, but that is definitely not the case.

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