Not able to use Cloudflare in Full (strict) or Full

Using WordPress installation with Cloudflare, when i make SSL/TLS encryption mode to Full (strict) or Full the website wont load it will show 521 error. Can you someone tell the steps to setup cloudflare fully with digital ocean, I wish to set the Cloudflare SSL/TLS encryption to Full.

Before you add a site to Cloudflare, you need to make sure it’s working properly with HTTPS. Digital Ocean has tons of tutorials, so I suggest you use the “Pause Cloudflare on Site” option from the Overview page, then work through the tutorials to get your site properly configured.

Are you sure that you already have an SSL certificate for your Website?
If so, is should work fine with “Full SSL”.

Otherwise, try using the “Flexible SSL” option.

Other steps, create Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate for your domain. Then go with “Full SSL” option to try connect to your Website.

Moreover, if needed “Purge Cache” in the between.

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Please do not make such suggestions, they are misleading the OP and make his site insecure. @sdayman’s advice is correct, the OP first needs a propersite setup.


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