Not able to Upgrade to Business Plan

I have an account for domain which I’m trying to upgrade to Business Plan from Free Plan, I tried multiple times still its not happening.

What’s the error message you’re getting?

I’m not getting error, it says Successfully changed but after few seconds again its goes to Free Plan.

After changing:

After few seconds:

Could you take a look at the requests sent by your browser? Do any of them return an error response (status code 4xx or 5xx)? Also, I see Billing: Processing - do you have a working payment method attached to your account?

All APIs are returning 200.

Interesting. I’d open a ticket and post the # here - then someone from Cloudflare will be able to help you :slightly_smiling_face:

As the domain is showing on the screenshot @Laurie’s spidey-sense is probably tingling.

Still, though, I recommend trying a different browser/device/incognito mode.


Hi @anand1,

I reopened the ticket that you sent that received the auto responder with the details of the attempted transaction. I would also suggest you check the email on file for your account for the message that you should have received regarding the attempted transaction.


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