Not able to upgrade Plan - Error Code 1323

We are unable to upgrade to the Pro plan due to error code 1323. Additionally, we have not received a response regarding ticket #3283374

Pl advice


Thank you for providing the ticket number
I have escalated it to the billing team to look into this

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How long will it take for them to resolve it?

Is there any update on this ?


Any Update on this . Ticket is lying past 2 days with P1 priority. It is impacting business now



Can you check on this. I am yet to get response on ticket.


It’s unacceptable that Cloudflare hasn’t responded to a ticket in 14 days. What kind of support is this?


Apologies for the delay, our billing team has responded to the ticket.

Kindly review it.

Thank you

I am happy to say that it looks like billing was able to resolve this issue for you.

If that is not the case please let us know.

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