Not Able To Upgrade Free to Pro

I’m going through the same issue, unable to order free to pro upgrade. called my bank & the issue isn’t from their end, its from cloudlfare’s end!! ive submitted a ticket but from the sounds of this post ill be waiting way to long. my site has had multiple attacks that the free version isn’t able to mitigate. im hoping to here how you get this resolved, i tried changing the card & using paypal instead everything didnt work.

I am currently experiencing an issue upgrading from the free to the pro version of Cloudflare. Despite contacting my bank to confirm that there are no issues on their end, the upgrade is still being blocked. I have also attempted to change the payment method, using both a different card and PayPal, but neither option has worked.

I have submitted a ticket(#3286240) regarding this matter, but based on other posts, it seems the response time may be lengthy. My site has experienced multiple attacks that the free version is unable to mitigate effectively.

I would appreciate any assistance or advice on how to expedite this process or resolve the issue. Thank you in advance for your support.

Heres the email i receive, this is the only email i get when i attempt to pay and upgrade.

Dear Customer,

This email is a confirmation that you have recently modified your subscription for Professional Plan for (my domain).

If you believe you have received this email in error, contact us at our Support portal for assistance.


The Cloudflare Team

Sorry for the issues, we have flagged 3286240 for the Billing Support team

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looking forward to it!

I see 3286240 from yesterday and will flag it for my colleagues in Support. Sorry for the troubles.

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Cloonan! i hope your colleagues are as proactive as you are, as the issue needs to be addressed as soon as possible

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Following the interaction in ticket #3286240. You have been able to upgrade, everything is now working !

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