Not able to update wordpress page after updated cloudflare DNS

Hi i have wordpress blog, when i updated my DNS with cloudflare, i was not able to update my wordpress page not able to publish anything. can someone help ?

do you checked the firewall events?

where we can check, can you please help me. actually i am totally new for this thing.

on the firewall -> overview. And are you sure the problem only arise when your record is proxied on cloudflare ( :orange: )

i verified firewall events, nothing is there. when i am configuring godaddy default DNS, its working fine but when i am putting cloudflare DNS under my domain, which is in godaddy, this problem is happening.

Below is website url, which i am trying to configure. if possible can you verify is there anything wrong i am doing.

That site isn’t proxied by Cloudflare right now, so we can’t check what’s going on, but it might be a caching issue. What exactly happens when you try to Publish a page?

now i did proxied for this site, we can see it’s status it’s showing active, here we have option Always use HTTPS, which is currently off. When i am turning on this button, my website goes disappear and showing error -

This site can’t provide a secure connection sent an invalid response.

It’s still not using Cloudflare.

can you please help me to know, what will be the steps should i have to follow for proxy.

actually i removed cloudflare dns from my godaddy domain account, currently its pointing to default godaddy dns only. is it reason ?

Whatever you did the first time to put it on Cloudflare, do it again.

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