Not able to update or add Cname with name


I try to update Cname name from mail to but after edit click on save it save successfully but name didn’t updated from mail to . Still it show me mail. Also I delete that sname and add new one that time in name I added but after add it show me mail instead of

Now what I can do for the same?

Are you talking about the display of subdomains in the DNS Records panel, how it only displays the subdomain (ex. mail) rather than the fully qualified domain name( If so, that’s completely normal and doesn’t stop it from functioning. When looking through your DNS Records panel, for any record that does not contain your actual domain (, you can assume it is a subdomain and the actual address for it is $

You can manually type the full domain name (, but as you’ve noticed, it will shorten the display to just the subdomain no matter what.

I have no issues loading the subdomain as well:

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