Not able to transfer domain

Dear Community

It has been couple days so I decided to create a ticket.

My main goal is to fully transfer my domain to Cloudflare, to achieve this the first step seems to be to add it to Cloudflare and update the Nameservers.

Here is where it goes wrong, I’ve added the nameservers on the current registrar and removed the old ones and after couple days it is still in the “Pending Nameserver Update” state.

I added and as nameservers and nothing happens and it’s been more than 3 days now.
When I now click on “check nameservers” I get the following message:

Here it says something about a TXT record, what is this about?

Thanks in advance!

On further investigation I found the following:

Her it looks like that in most places it’s pointing to the correct nameservers, how do I resolve this?

Without knowing the actual domain name, we can’t verify your setup.

1 Like is the domain name.

It’s more the fact that it’s not updated everywhere and I can’t fix it.

According to Denic, you haven’t properly updated your WHOIS listing.

Where am I supposed to do this? I don’t see this option in cloudflare atm

WHOIS records are updated at your domain registrar (the place where you bought your domain name).

So it seems the nameservers are up to date now.

However I want to transfer this domain to cloudflare, but it does not show up in the list to transfer.

Is .de not supported by Cloudflare? Or what is still missing?

That’s correct. There aren’t many ccTLDs on the list.

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