Not able to submit a support ticket

Unable to get to the page where you create a support ticket. When you click on a link that will supposedly take you there, you are directed to the dashboard. I have opened tickets before. Just today I’m getting taken in circles.

Tickets are submitted in the dashboard now, so tthat would be the right place.

Where do you end up / what do you see when you visit ?

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I am taken to my dashboard that shows my accounts. In the Support dropdown at top right, if I click on Contact Support, I get a blank page at URL
At the bottom of the dashboard, if I click Contact Support, I get taken to the Cloudflare Help Center page. At the bottom of that page if I click Submit a Request, I get taken to the dashboard again.

It looks like you may have been able to open a ticket. Are you still experiencing the issue?

I had to open a ticket via email. I’m still not able to open a ticket via the dashboard. I get either a blank page with the link mentioned here or I’m taken back to the dashboard. I have tried using Edge and Chrome.

I’ve made an adjustment on our end that will hopefully fix the issue, but I’m not confident that it will work in this situation.

Typically, you get taken back to the dashboard to select the account you need support for, and you should see this blue banner to select the account.

From there you should see the option to select the category of your issue/ticket

It sounds like this might be showing you a blank page instead of the option to select a category. If this is the case, would you mind opening another ticket via email as you did and including a screenshot of that page as well as a HAR file


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