Not able to send and receive emails over cpanel webmail

We are using cloudflare on this domain and email over cpanel. We are accessing email over webmail. We tried to send test email from gmail and got address not found error (550), for more details kindly have a look at the attached screenshots. We have updated all required records over cloudflare panel like MX record , A record and SPF record. For more details please see attached screenshot.

Please let me what wrong here due to which we are not able to send and receive email over cpanel webmail.

You’re pointing the MX record towards the mail record.

The mail (A) record is pointing towards a Go Daddy server.

Is Go Daddy supposed to be handling your inbound messages, e.g. the ones that are being sent towards your domain?


  1. Yes:
    → As the 550 error would be originating from Go Daddy server (assuming your explanation), it would then be something you would need to contact Go Daddy about, for further assistance regarding the 550 issue.

  2. No:
    → You have the wrong MX record(s) set for your domain name.
    Contact the hosting provider that is supposed to handle your inbound message, and request the proper MX record(s) for their service, and adjust them accordingly.

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