Not able to receive email

Hello Community,

I have purchased my domain from Godaddy along with email.
The nameservers within godaddy is maintained by Cloudflare:

Now the issue is I am not able to send or receive any emails from my godaddy - email account and the customer support from godaddy told me to get in contact with Cloudflare as they are my DNS host to include below records details:

I registered with Cloudflare and tried to maintain the DNS for my website but still nothing changed.

Can you please help me to resolve this issue.

Do you have the appropriate MX records setup within Cloudflare DNS for your domain, pointing to GoDaddy? Can you share the domain?

This problem got resolved thankfully.

My website is built in Kajabi application and now am trying to set up a custom email domain in Kajabi but it is not approving the verification and again pointing me to set up TXT and MX records which I already did in Cloudflare but this is not going through.

Is anybody have any idea about this one?

This is my Cloudflare DNS settings:

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