Not able to proxy cname (

I have setup a dnslink TXT record and subdomain CNAME to point to The site renders content as expected but the Transform Rules (URL rewrites, custom response headers) or Page Rules (country blocks) are not working. I think it is because the CNAME is not proxied but the cloudflare UI is not giving me an option to proxy when the value is How can we make Transfer Rules and Page Rules work when CNAME is Thanks!

I’m pretty sure you can’t apply most settings to IPFS because it’s already :orange: by Cloudflare, so your own :orange: settings won’t work. There are other posts that mention this in regards to Page Rules and IPFS.

Hi, thanks for the response. A link to a post explaining any solutions would be greatly appreciated. For example, is using dnslink and but they’re able to geoblock and mask all routes to /index.html. I’m trying to achieve the same thing but not sure how

Thanks for the post link. I had already filled out the google sheet form mentioned in the post. Still no solution…

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