Not able to open my website

am not able to visit my website . When contacted Bluehost, they said to add A record with . Although, I have added it by myself but I am not sure that i have done it perfectly or not. Still I am not able to access neither or Please check at your end and point my domain to bluehost server IP address (as suggested by bluehost support person).

Anyone here. Please resolve my issue.

Your site isn’t using Cloudflare.

On the bright side, your site is working for me.

Thanks. Actually, I was using Cloudflare. When this problem came, I have contacted bluehost customer care. They said that contact Cloudflare and ask them to point domain to bluehost server. But, I could not get any reply from Cloudflare. When i could not resolve it from myself, finally I have changed the name servers to default bluehost servers and contacted bluehost support. Still, i am not able to visit my admin page
Actually, I thought that once bluehost team resolve the issue, i will switch to Cloudflare once again.

There is a self-signed SSL certificate on your server. This will let Cloudflare run in Full (not strict) SSL mode, but a direct visit to your server won’t work using HTTP.

Your site runs fine in HTTP, but it looks like it is set to use wp-admin in SSL Only mode.

I’d say your site is ready to be configured using Cloudflare. I’m headed out for a few hours and won’t be able to check back quickly. As long as your DNS records at Cloudflare are correctly set up, you can work out any kinks via Cloudflare’s settings.

Speaking of DNS, it looks like you’ve added a second Bluehost IP address to your server. Why?

Thanks @sdayman. Problem has resolved now. I have changed nameserver to Cloudflare nameservers. And, I have also updated the DNS with the correct IP address. However, I request you to please check from your end and suggest if any more change required. Thank you so much for your support.