Not able to migrate a .ie domain to cloudflare

I am not able to migrate a domain ending with .ie

It may be a little bit tough to assist you, with a such vague explanation?

Can you please elaborate?

  1. What domain?

  2. What have you tried?

  3. What error(s) do you see?

  4. Perhaps a screenshot of what is happening?

my domain is
I have tried to move it to cloudflare by changing nameservers but then cloudflare migration next step where you enter the authorisation code gives an error saying the domain is “unsupported”

You cannot transfer ie domain registrations to Cloudflare registrar. Supported domains are listed here:

You can still use the Cloudflare for DNS and the proxy for performance and security enhancements without using Cloudflare Registrar.

Together with the information added above, I can add:

is still the name servers in the parent registry for that domain.

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You can start here to learn how to add your site to Cloudflare.