Not able to login and do not have the apple ID of the empoyee

Not able to log in, as the employee who handled it left without handing over the account and the site is giving a 526 errors.

The username password in our records is not working. How do we get control of that account. It is company’s account. Login is asking his apple ID for login. And we don’t have access to his apple ID.

Please help.

One more part of this question is how to transfer this account to the company so that this issue can be resolved.

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You don’t. Since it was created with an individual’s personal Apple ID, it isn’t the company’s account, even if it was used for company purposes.

Assuming that the former employee has no non-company assets in the account and is willing to assist you, they should be able to change the email address on the account to one from the company. I don’t know if the account being tied to an Apple ID interferes with that process. If it works, it is your best option as it will involve the least amount of effort.

You are getting closer here. Aside from changing the email address, you cannot transfer the account. You can move the domain to another Cloudflare account. Since this method requires checking all DNS records and recreating all rules and configurations, it will be more involved than asking the former employee to change the email on the account.

For privacy and security reasons, Cloudflare cannot make changes to the account.

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