Not able to create proper DKIM

I have been given a DKIM record as follows (for my domain ):

Only in the name field because that’s just way too long to display. All subdomain entries work this way. If you export the zone file from the Advanced Options feature, you’ll see it’s still there.

Thank you, but unfortunately it must not be there, because the zone is not validating with the email platform

Please post a screenshot of the TXT record and the two name servers assigned by Cloudflare. Both of these are on the same DNS settings page here.

I can’t verify that record if you obfuscate the content, but as I said, the full hostname will show up in the exported zone file.

That’s also not the same domain as in your original post.

Are the nameservers for

Also, the selector name and DKIM public key are not sensitive data, and don’t need to be redacted. But you may want to redact your name, address and phone number from the post above!

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